The LD System


About the incredible LD System

The LD System of learning to drive is simple and easy. No hard work, no surprises, and no time wasted! You are provided with the Driving Skills Workbook and DVD set. Before each lesson you watch the DVD and use the workbook to note down

  • what targets you have achieved so far,
  • how you feel your progress is going,
  • what you might work on next time and
  • how you might go about that task with the help of your driving instructor.

When you attend your next driving lesson you simply discuss your plan with your instructor and agree how best to put it into practice. It's that easy. Soon you will be ready for your test.

By learning as much as you can in advance of the lesson you will save time on unnecessary explanations in the car and thus spend far more time practising. Any practice will also be much more effective because you already understand the theoretical aspect of what you are trying to do and how best to go about the learning task. By following your agenda, learning in a way that best suits you makes the learning incredibly fast and rewarding. It also helps you to grow as a person by getting you to make all the key decisions for yourself; building up your self esteem and confidence as you progress.

The least expensive way to learn to drive

This combination of well planned, structured training with clear targets, state-of-the-art training materials and our unique student centred learning approach enables LDC driving instructors to achieve far better results in far less time than would otherwise be possible. In simple terms this means that you increase the chances of passing your driving test first time in fewer lessons while enjoying the process whilst almost unknowingly develop safer driving habits for life. You will also save money because 30 reasonably priced lessons and a first time pass with your LDC instructor will always cost you far less than 50 cheap lessons and a few test failures. And because LDC does not cut corners when it comes to providing you with the correct knowledge, understanding and skills you will also be far better equipped for a lifetime of safe driving. To see an example of the DVD video programme or the Driving Skills Workbook please see the relevant links under the LD System navigation to the left.

The LD Process