About your instructor



Each driving instructor operates their own LDC driving school under franchise from LDC and are fully committed to giving you the best possible service. They all share a common aim - to provide the highest standards of tuition at the lowest overall cost.

Over 90% of our instructors trained to become a driving instructor with us in the first place using LDC's highly acclaimed driving instructor training course (based around the unique LD System) - so we know the quality of the people we have to offer. Whether you are choosing driving lessons for yourself or for a member of your family, it is vital that you make the right choice.

The well taught learners of today become the safe drivers of tomorrow.

About the driving school cars they use

LDC driving instructors use a variety of cars because most modern small cars are easy to operate and are very similar to learn in. Provided the car is mechanically sound and offers the right environment for learning it will be ideal for the job. The car makes little or no difference to the speed at which people learn to drive. What really counts is the skill of the driving instructor, the quality of the materials provided and the training system used.

driving-instructor-car-peugeot driving-instructor-car-fiesta driving-instructor-car-focus

driving-instructor-car-ds3 driving-instructor-car-mini driving-instructor-car-corsa

About the terms upon which they operate

All LDC instructors are bound by a professional code of conduct. Your LDC instructor will be courteous, polite, tidy and punctual. He or she will also behave in a professional and ethical manner at all times. Your LDC instructor’s car will be well maintained, clean and tidy. All cars used by LDC instructors are fitted with dual-controls as part of their standard equipment. The cars are of course fully insured for driving tuition. LDC instructors will not smoke in the car while giving tuition, nor will they use your lesson time for any other form of business, personal or otherwise. For a full set of these terms and condition upon which they offer their services please follow this link or use the menu at the left hand side.